Adamson University pursues its tradition of providing quality education—offering wide array of courses including engineering, sciences, nursing, architecture, law, and elementary education. Adamson graduates are known for their refined skills and erudite, scholarly capabilities.

Academic Calendar

The following activities are scheduled for the next two months:

July 2008

14 - 19: Preliminary Examination Days (with regular classes)
21 - 25: Encoding of Prelim Grades
28: Distribution of Computerized Prelim Grades

August 2008

25 - 30: Mid-Term Examination Days (with regular classes)


Academic Programs

The University is offering a variety of courses that cater to different fields. These include Law, Architecture, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Pharmacy, Sciences, Caregiver, National Service Training Program, and Basic Education. [more]

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