Adamson University as a Catholic educational institution has gone through milieus of improvement and administrations and has surpassed odds through decades—gradually but pervasively enduring progression. Providing an accessible channel to quality education—for the socially disadvantaged and economically challenged students—the University serves conscientiously in participation to societal change and transformation.

Vision and Mission

Adamson University, a Catholic Vincentian educational institution, is a recognized leading center for quality education particularly for the socially disadvantaged. [more]


Adamson University was founded in 1932 by the late Dr. George Lucas Adamson, with the assistance of his cousins, the brothers Alexander Athos Adamson and George Athos Adamson. [more]


The University is run by Vincentian priests and are assigned to different positions and departments. Under their helm are talented and skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields. Here is the list of the current president, vice-presidents, deans, chairpersons, and directors. [more]

Messages from the Administrators

Read some of the inspiring words from our President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and Registrar. [more]

Patron Saint

Get to know more our University's patron saint, St. Vincent de Paul. [more]

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